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Ferreyra Abogados y Consultores Asociados abogado miguel

Dr. Miguel Ángel Ferreyra Sánchez

Director of the Servir Conciliation Center and founding partner of the Ferreyra Abogados & Consultores Asociados Study. He is an expert on issues of conflict resolution, dispute settlement and negotiation, with more than 14 years of experience in the area.

Lawyer specializing in strategy, case theory and litigation. Likewise, its specialization rests on intellectual property law, criminal law, constitutional law and economic criminal law.

Lawyer graduated by the University San Martin de Porres, with Bachelor in the same house of studies. Graduated from the LXV Master of the Center for Higher National Studies (CAEN), with a special mention in Development and National Defense.

He has postgraduate studies at the University of Salamanca (Spain) on corruption, organized crime, money laundering and terrorism. He has also participated in courses and workshops on the crime of money laundering and conflict resolution in the field of private law.

Postdoctoral studies on oral litigation at the University of California Western School of Law, San Diego. His specialty is linked to economic criminal law.

As an attorney, he has the record CAC No. 9534; Conciliator with registration No. 8395 and conciliator specialized in family register No. 5374. It is duly accredited to the Ministry of Justice.

He was an academic visitor to the J. Perry Center, the National War College (NWC), the Inter-American Defense Board (IADB), the Inter-American Defense College, the Organization of American States (OAS), the Inter-American Development Bank IDB), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank.

Currently, he also works as a university teacher and teacher of the Peruvian National Police.

He is a recognized political analyst and national and international lecturer.


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Lima 27 Perú

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